Aleksandr Romanenko - Deep Sea Captain

Applying for: Crewing / HR department
Aleksandr Romanenko
"More than 15 years in crewing”
Since 2003 when I entered marine Academy I investigate maritime industry from different side.

I worked as seafarer on tanker fleet, as crewing manager and director of crew manning agency, visited different maritime exhibitions and shipowners offices in Greece, UAE, Netherlands, Germany. Performed lessons and seminars in marine Academies, created three internet projects for seafarers and online courses.

Now I am looking for managing position in shipping company, or director of branch office, where I can apply all my knowledge and managing skills to the benefit of employer.
My professional career
In 2005 I've made my first contract as a cadet on tanker vessel in Greek company "Tsakos Shipping & Traiding S.A.".
Since 2007, between onboard contracts, I worked in crewing agency "Sea Way Maritime" as crewing manager.
In 2009 I graduated higher marine Academy in Ukraine and obtain my navigator license.
In 2012 I became a director of crewing agency "Sea Way Maritime", company with offices in Ukraine and Russia.
In 2013 I created educational project "Answers to Seafarers" on YouTube, which has more than 18,200 subscribers now.
Since 2014 I arranged different seminars in marine Academies and online courses for seafarers.
In 2016 I created internet project for seafarers "CV-DELIVERY". It helps seafarers to find a job onboard.

I am interesting in shipping field and going to develop my skills and knowledge in this direction.

What benefits can I bring to the shipping company?
Social Networks
I have strong business relations with the most popular groups for seafarers in social networks with more than 200,000 subscribers. I'm authorised to publish vacancies and articles there.
Due to my involving in various internet projects, I earned trust and loyalty among seafarers from russian speaking counties.
I can use all my projects and connections for increasing database of professional seafarers for your Company.
Recruiting process
Able to arrange all recruiting process of crewing department & control it.
Since april 2012 - Executive director
"Sea Way Maritime Agency"
During my service in "Sea Way Maritime Agency" I was responsible for the following:

- Business developing of the Company;
- Conclusion of manning agreements with clients;
- Developing of electronic database;
- Creation of internet projects for seafarers;
- Creation of presentations and websites;
- Evaluation & hiring of office staff;
- Interviewing seafarers according to clients requirements;
- Developing & Controlling of all recruiting procedures;

Answers to seafarers
In 2013 I founded the project "Answer to Seafarers".
This educational channel helps seafarers to familiarise with maritime industry & prepare their candidacy for applying to shipping companies in correct way. Different marine specialists from shipping industry took part in video interviews and webinars.

"Today this channel has more than 18200 subscribers and
more than 1680000 views by seafarer's target audience"

I can use it in your companies needs: to make an advertisement video about your Company, to broadcast actual vacancies etc.
Interview with offshore chief officer from offshore fleet.
Interview with offshore ETO / Superintendant experience in Korea.
Interview with regional director of "Mission to Seafarers"
Review of crewing company "Staff Centre" Odessa
This source helps seafarers to prepare their candidacy for correct applying to crewing department of employer. To fill in the CV form, resume, prepare all required documents in correspondence with companies requirements. Crewmanagers receiving full details of candidates in correct order and save time for long investigation of received data and conversation with candidates. This project helped already to hundreds of seafarers to find the job onboard.
Video presentation of
Maritime Exhibitions
SeaTrade Expo 2019
Dubai, UAE
SeaTrade Expo 2018
Dubai, UAE
Posidonia Expo 2014
Athens, Greece

seminars in marine academies

"The best way to have high qualified and dedicated officers on board tomorrow - to grow them up from cadets today!"
Seminar 2018
Kherson Marine Academy
Seminar dedicated to direct recruitment in shipowners companies.
Seminar in 2017
Ushakov Marine Academy
This seminar was dedicated to trainee and cadets recruitment.
Seminar 2014
Nakhimov Marine Academy
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My contact details:

RU: +7 978 827 65 49
UA: +38 063 690 43 13
Pls do not hesitate to contact me for any inquiry
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